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Welcome to GlobalFX where our aim is to bring institutional quality research, news and trade ideas to retail traders.

About Us

Global FX was launched by me, Greg McKenna, in November 2012 so that I could share my passion for markets particularly FX, Commodity and Index trading with a you, the reader.

We are not here to give you advice, that is not our role as we don’t know your personal situation, financial objectives or financial situation.


If you are interested  in trading and getting ideas:

  • on how markets are working, 
  • where they might be headed, 
  • what their drivers are and 
  • what or how you might trade .

Then we can help you gather the information you need so that YOU can make more informed, intelligent and unemotional decisions about your investments

Think, Trade, Profit – that’s our motto and that’s our goal.

About Me

The McKenna's

This is me, my wife Lisa and my two beautiful children, Hamish and Annabelle. They are the reason I started Global FX.

We live 205 kilometres north of Sydney and it’s hard to balance working in the big smoke like Sydney or Melbourne with being a family man. So when I left Newcastle and received a few offers in the main Eastern Seaboard capitals we decided as a family that we’d work out something from up here – and Global FX was born with a bit of prompting from Anthony Best of Vantage and Keagan York of Compass.

My Journey

I’m a bloke who wanted to be a dealer from the time they floated the Aussie Dollar back in 1983 and I saw the shots inside the Westpac FX dealing room. I was 14 at the time and set my goal on getting into financial markets. By a combination of tenacity, luck and serendipity I sat down on the Westpac Retail Money Market desk in April 1988 aged 18 – the journey had begun.

In November that year I moved the dealing room in Melbourne and was trading a year or so later with limits of something like $1 billion 180 day equivalent – which was huge for a young bloke in his first trading gig and a lot of fun. My training was on the job and I learnt to trade the hard way trying to run my own physical book while making prices to clients and getting my positions taken off me all the time – so I gravitated toward futures positions to keep me where I wanted to be while the physical positions ebbed and flowed with client demand.

Trading futures was a great way to learn back in the early 90′s when Rambo and others ran the pit – my first order was for 25 lots in the bank bills which had a tick value of $25 per contract. It didn’t take long before I felt the pressure of the few points the trade moved against me but in the end I had a winner and trading has been a key part of what I do ever since.

Of course at different times trading has meant different thinks. At Westpac it was short term and aggressive in size and with quite an aggressive profit motive. When I was a fund manager at New South Wales State Super running a big $1 billion plus cash fund and a $500 million dollar bond fund it was the same sort of aggression but tempered by being a fund manager.

State Super was the best job I ever had for 5 reasons:

  1. I met Lisa, my wife, at a function when she was working for a Bank in 1995
  2. I had Peter Whitty as a boss and he let me have my head (see point 5 to understand)
  3. I sat opposite an old style hand drawing chartist, Graeme Robinson, who opened my eyes to the world of Technicals and Technical trading
  4. I inherited the FX portfolio on top of my Bond and Cash portfolios and
  5. Bernie Fraser, then RBA Governor, cut rates on July 31 1996 when I was as close to limit short as I dared. I learnt that day that I don’t know anything and certainly not everything and that lesson has stood me well these last 16+ years

State Super also got me back to Westpac where I was the first currency strategist in the country which eventually led me to the NAB where I was Head of Currency Strategy for the Bank.

I have done a few things since and most recently was Treasurer for the Newcastle Permanent Building Society which is effectively a small regional bank with more than 300,000 members and a balance sheet of around $7.5 or $8 billion. I was responsible with my colleagues for funding, liquidity and interest rate risk management.

The GFC was a good time to be the Treasurer of an ADI and although the GFC made things interesting some days back in late 2008 and early 2009 my trading instincts and skills helped us avert a disaster by managing the interest rate risk position so that the institution benefitted materially as the RBA slashed rates and interest rates fell to 3% from above 7%.

Which brings me to Global FX.

I have traded 1 lot and I have sold more than $1 billion Aussie Dollars on a day. Sitting at State Super I had access to the very best of information in the market but as a currency strategist I’ve had to gather it myself.

Through the last 25 or more years in markets I have built a process that is scaleable and repeatable across all markets. Whether you are a day trader interested in the next hour of trade or a corporation hedging long term contracts or just somewhere in between and whether you are a novice or have great experience I am sure that myself and my team here at Global FX can help you clarify your thoughts and improve your analysis and trading so that YOU can be the best trader you can be.


Feel free to email us with your thoughts or leave comments on the site and if you think you have something that will help other traders and would like to blog here I’d love to have a chat. Lets build an Australian community of traders who can help and learn from each other. After all what’s a better job than trading? Ok pro-surfer maybe but otherwise – I’d love to have you join the conversation.


Founder and Chief Strategist

November 2012